12 mai 2021

It's International Nurses' Day today and we are celebrating our Pacific nurses. Comprising more than two-thirds of the health workforce in the Western Pacific Region, nurses are the heartbeat of our communities. The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world the important role that nurses play as frontline workers and keeping people healthy across the lifespan. International Nurses' Day is an opportunity to highlight their work while celebrating this workforce as one of our most valuable resources.

20 octobre 2020

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This month the Pacific Community (SPC) will highlight the invaluable contribution of Pacific women in health care. Globally, women make up 80% of the health workforce and in the Pacific 75% of women represent the nursing workforce. This year has been challenging for everyone working in health care as COVID-19 took precedence and placed a burden on health facilities globally.

7 septembre 2020

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Nurses specialise in critical care surge training

The need to have more specialized nurses was also discussed at the inaugural Pacific Heads of Nursing meeting earlier this year. This meeting was timely given that 2020 is the year of the nurses and midwives and allowed Pacific heads of nursing to connect with each other, share challenges, solutions and provide support for capacity building.

21 février 2020

Les problématiques auxquelles sont confrontés le personnel infirmier et les sages-femmes, ainsi que leurs capacités d’encadrement, doivent être respectivement prises en compte et renforcées aux niveaux national, régional et international, selon l’une des recommandations formulées lors de la première Réunion des cadres infirmiers et sages-femmes du Pacifique qui s’est tenue du 11 au 14 février à Nadi.

Treize États et Territoires insulaires océaniens ont participé à cette réunion, aux côtés d’acteurs du secteur infirmier et de partenaires régionaux et internationaux.

5 février 2020

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Inaugural meeting for Pacific heads of nurses set to influence and drive regional health priorities

The Heads of Nursing from Pacific Island Countries and Territories will convene in Nadi, Fiji from the 11th- 13th of February 2020 for the inaugural Pacific Heads of Nurses (PHoN) Meeting. This is the first time such a meeting has taken place, reflecting the increasing recognition of the essential role nurses play in Pacific health services. 

Regional Heads of Nurses Meeting

The PHoN meeting is acknowledgement of the importance of nursing in the Pacific region. It provides an equal platform with the Directors of Clinical Services (DCS) and the Directors of Public Health (DPH) meeting to influence and drive health agendas and policies in the region. The PHoN will provide executive-level oversight for regional nursing functions in the Pacific including a 'policy advisory' and technical role to inform nursing decisions for the region.